Ecclesiology Book Set

Ecclesiology book set

The unique Adventist perspective on the end-time remnant is explored in the groundbreaking volume, Toward A Theology of the Remnant. What is the biblical idea of the remnant? Why is it connected to the Testimony of Jesus and how do the writings of Ellen White illuminate our understanding? What about more recent ideas on the remnant? These questions and more are dealt with thoroughly. BRI’s newest volume, Message, Mission, and Unity of the Church, looks at the nature of the church from a biblical perspective. What led to the disconnect between the apostolic faith and the medieval church? What insights into mission does the Bible provide? What authority do the 28 Fundamental Beliefs have and how do they contribute to the unity of the church in our increasingly fragmented world? What is the relationship between Israel and the Church? Are these the same or two opposing movements? Now you can buy both books for just $25.

Ángel Manuel Rodríguez