News: 2010

Bible-week Retreat for Ministers and Church Members Taught at Seminar Schloss Bogenhofen in Austria

In July 2010, Seminar Schloss Bogenhofen near Braunau in Austria held its yearly “Bibelwoche” (Bible-week), a week-long retreat for ministers and church members. About 60 attendees spent a week listening and discussing various topics. Among the presenters were Ekkehardt Mueller who spoke on the Doctrine of God and Gerhard Pfandl who presented a series of lectures on Messianic Prophecies.

Bible Symposia in India

In September 2010 two Bible Symposia took place, one in the north of the country, i.e., in Jaipur, the other one in the very south, namely in Kanyakumari. They were designed for pastors and provided in English without translation into local languages. Under the topic “Growing to Serve,” Dr. Jiri Moskala from Andrews University and Dr. Ekkehardt Mueller from BRI presented a number of lectures dealing to a large extent with Adventist identity and the Church’s message and mission as portrayed in the Book of Revelation. Supporting our pastors in this enormous country with quite challenging situations is not only a privilege but also an important task for the world church.

Alberta Conference Ministerial Retreat

Early in January 2010 the Alberta Conference held its ministerial retreat at their Foothills Campground. Among the speakers was Gerhard Pfandl, associate director of the Biblical Research Institute, who spoke on Current Issues in SDA theology, such as “The Lunar Sabbath Theory” and “Do Christians Need to Keep the Old Testament Feasts?”