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A Symposium on Biblical Hermeneutics

We are please to share with you a volume prepared by the Biblical Research Institute dealing with revelation, inspiration and biblical interpretation. It is a collection of essays written by different Adventist thinkers and theologians. Although it was published in 1974, the content of this volume is still valuable to the church and particularly to pastors and Bible teachers. We will encourage the readers to use it in conjunction with the more recent volume, also published by BRI, Understanding Scripture: An Adventist Approach, edited by George W. Reid. We pray that the reprint of this volume will contribute to building the church.

Gordon M. Hyde

Biblical Interpretation Today

Biblical interpretation in our postmodern context is anything but stable. Contemporary approaches to understanding the Bible, however, have their roots in critical methods of interpretation that were developed in the modern period, using principles of the Enlightenment. In "Biblical Interpretation Today," Gerhard Hasel provides a quick but comprehensive account of the development of such methods as source criticism, form criticism, and redaction criticism until the appearance of structuralism. Hasel exposes the presuppositions underlying these methods and points the way forward to a more biblical approach.

Gerhard F. Hasel

Books on Prophecy

Gerhard Pfandl - Retired

Come Boldly to the Throne

This publication deals with the topic of the sanctuary ini the Letter to the Hebrews. Since the sanctuary theme is so pervasive in Hebrews, the book follows more or less the chapters of this important New Testament document as a commentary does and looks at the sanctuary from a christological perspective dealing with issues such as the superiority of Jesus, his priesthood and ministry, the sanctuary, the covenant, our assurance, and Jesus and our future. It addresses questions that are of special importance for Adventists and yet are worthwhile to be considered by all those who want to follow Christ.

Ekkehardt Mueller

Daniel: The Seer of Babylon

In this new commentary by biblical scholar Gerhard Pfandl, the author sets us down in once-mighty Babylon, with its 53 temples and 955 smaller sanctuaries. We survey the ruins of the large (170' x 56') banquet hall of Belshazzar and the remains of Nebuchadnezzar's statue on the plain of Dura. But more important, Pfandl provides the keys to unlock Daniel's prophecy of the 2300 days, the 70 weeks, and the 1260/1335 days. The author champions the historicist year/day principle, showing how Daniel unfolds the future in symbol. He explains how the medieval apostasy predicted by Daniel birthed a persecuting power whose false teaching obscures the atoning sacrifice of Christ. He cites non-Adventist scholars who affirm that Daniel 8 teaches a pre-Advent judgment, and refutes Adventist innovators who project the 1260 days into the future.

Gerhard Pfandl

Future Glory

All down through history Bible prophecy has sparked new religious movements. Why so many interpretations? In this volume Ángel Rodríguez brings the latest scholarship to bear on the time prophecies of Daniel, Revelation, and Matthew 24.

Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

Problems in Bible Translations

We are pleased to share with the reader a volume published in 1954 containing the result of the work of a Committee on Bible Translations, set up by the General Conference in 1953. It examines some problems of translation and biblical exegesis as it attempts to clarify why some passages are translated in different ways in various Bible versions. Although the volume is old most of its content could be useful to its readers.

Symposium on the Role of Women in the Church

This is the first volume we offer to our readers on a topic of interest to the world church. The introduction to the volume provides its historical background and purpose. Each chapter was written by an Adventist scholar and represents excellent scholarship.

Gordon M. Hyde

Vol. 1 Selected Studies on Prophetic Interpretation

A careful examination of judgment in the Old Testament, the identification fo the little horn power, the year/day principle, and October 22, 1844, as the antitypical Day of Atonement. 174 pp.

William H. Shea